Big Vehicles Can Be Dangerous for People Walking

Big vehicles. A study found that big trucks and SUVs, especially those with tall and flat fronts, can be very risky for people walking on roads. The study shows that these vehicles can cause more harm when they hit pedestrians.

Why They’re Risky

Big trucks and SUVs with tall front ends are nearly 45% more likely to hurt pedestrians badly if there’s an accident. Even smaller SUVs with similar tall, boxy shapes can be dangerous for people walking on the streets.

Design Matters

The way the front of these vehicles looks is important too. Even if the front isn’t super high, if it’s shaped like a box with a straight hood and a vertical grille, it can still cause more harm or even be deadly to someone walking.

More Accidents and Injuries

In recent years, more and more pedestrians getting hurt or even dying because of accidents with cars. Around 7,400 people hit and killed by cars in 2021. Speeding and roads that aren’t safe play a part, but the growing number of big trucks and SUVs is also a problem.

Making Cars Safer

Experts say car makers should change the design of these vehicles. Lowering the front and changing the way the hood and grille look might help keep pedestrians safer. They also say these big, bulky fronts don’t really any good reason for looking that way.

How Injuries Happen

The study shows that vehicles with fronts higher than 35 inches, especially if they don’t slope down gently, can cause severe head, body, and hip injuries to people walking. Shorter people are at a bigger risk because of these designs.

Safer Technology

Some cars already have special technology that helps avoid accidents with people walking. Experts say this kind of technology can make a big difference in keeping pedestrians safe.

Car Makers’ Role

Big car companies are working on making cars safer for people walking. They’re adding more safety features to their cars to help avoid accidents with pedestrians. But experts say they need to think more about how their cars are design too.

What Needs to Change

The experts are urging car makers to really think about what they’ve found and change how their trucks and SUVs are made. They’re worry that the way cars are getting bigger is causing more accidents with people walking.

Keeping Everyone Safe

As more people are getting hurt in car accidents, experts say it’s really important for car makers to focus on making cars safer for people walking. This could help stop accidents and keep everyone safer on the roads.